The Joy of Creation

Bright houses, busy streets, fast cars. Motion, action, people. Everyone with a job, everyone with something to do. One here, two there, a few over there. Overshadowed by unseen hands, all proceeds according to purpose. Empty hearts hiding in empty homes, all hollow. All shallow. All plastic. CLICK. Another LEGO brick falls.


Applesauce is interesting. I’ve hard it lots of times. I mean, here in the good ‘ol U.S of A, it’s the premire children’s snack. Well, apart from a healthy dose of Goldfish, Cheetos, and other corn syrup-laced foods. Yet, if you were to ask me how applesauce tastes, I’m not sure I could really describe it other than “like applesauce”. Is its’ taste distinct? Does it have a texture and feel all of its’ own? Yes. It’s unique, and yet not easily known, despite how … Read more Me.

Moving Forward!

Before we get started, let me get this out of the wa: Happy New Year! It’s a brand new day, the joy is high, and we ride together towards the sunrise of 2018. It’s been a long year, full of change, mystery, and discovery. Yet through it all, it’s been amazing. Hope flies high like the proverbial bird, but 2017 has been the year I’ve finally seen the sky myself.

Of The Rest of Your Life…

“Today is gonna be the first day of the rest of your life.” That’s a line I think I stole from an old Spider-Girl comic (yeah, she’s a thing), and it’s become my mantra at the beginning of big events in my life. From graduating high school to starting college to today, the beginning of my sophomore year, life is definitely changing. I’m changing. In some ways good, in some ways…weird. I’ve found that in the middle of all of this insanity…I’m enjoying it? I’m … Read more Of The Rest of Your Life…

Out of the Closet

Ohayou gozaimas! College is approaching faster and faster, and on this last Monday before school hits, I finally am settling down to write a blog post. College is definitely home to a wealth of new experiences, and I keep finding new surprises around each corner. Last fall, I discovered that one of my new friends was secretly an otaku, and we had an awesome time just talking back and forth about the anime we’ve seen and the stories we enjoy. Realizing that I’m not alone … Read more Out of the Closet

Tiny Galaxies

Are you aware of your cheeks? I’m not asking if you have cheeks. I’m not asking if you know you have cheeks. What I’m wondering is: are you consciously aware that you have cheeks? Does that factor into how you speak? Dress? Behave? For most of us, I’d guess no. Which is funny, because cheeks are one of those face parts we notice the fastest. Little things tend to add up, don’t they? Yet we tend to take them for granted. Where is our joy … Read more Tiny Galaxies

On/Off – Does Idol Culture Dehumanize KPOP Stars?

Idol culture is KPOP culture. It’s funny how societal trends are reflected in music culture. America’s individualistic nature is reflected in the sheer amount of solo artists we have in comparison to our groups. On the flip side, idol groups are hugely popular in Asian nations, where the power of community and family is strong. Groups offer more security than trying to make it solo, and the security of working under a company gives many artists needed experience in the industry. Yet, the pedestal of … Read more On/Off – Does Idol Culture Dehumanize KPOP Stars?

Table Talk: How Gundam Build Fighters Does Marketing Right

Gundam Build Fighters is a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s definitely a kids’ show, but like Dragon Ball, it still manages to get me hyped. Maybe that’s just a symptom of me being a kid in an adult’s body, I dunno. From the characters to the plot to the fights, everything fits together in this oddly satisfying way. Even as a newcomer to Gundam, it still captured my imagination, and watching it parallel to Gundam 00 made me really appreciate the attention to detail the … Read more Table Talk: How Gundam Build Fighters Does Marketing Right

Her Soul’s Rebellion

How do I love Madoka? Let me count the ways! I love her pastel hair. I love her gentle voice. I love her love for others. I love…well, I think it’s obvious. Puella Magi Madoka Magica is an anime near and dear to my heart. It has all the elements I love in a story: interesting characters, a gripping narrative, and a lot of ideas to chew on. If Madoka were a game, it would be one of those indie RPGs with several endings: a … Read more Her Soul’s Rebellion

Doin’ Good

Expectaitons are made to be broken. Hopeful dreams fly high, only to be stripped of their wings. Stained by dark thoughts, laid waste by cutting remarks. Imprisoned by our thoughts, cell doors locked with keys hidden in bloodstained hands. Gazing into a mirror darkly, each anxious breath a ripple that shifts the image ever so slightly. Heavy is the head wearing the mask, clutching strips of truth, anxiously swallowing hollow words. “Hello. How are you?” “I’m doing good.”