2-Year Anniversary!

As of today, June 22, 2017, it has been officially 2 years since my first attempt at writing a blog post discussing anime and my faith, way back when on Google+. Time really has flown, and so much has changed. From the site to my writing style to even the amount of anibloggers I knew, I still can’t believe how much the blog has evolved, and how I’ve changed because of it. I’ve gotten to meet some really amazing people, and been able to participate in a living, breathing community of otaku that I really, truly appreciate. Going into the blogosphere, I expected there to be a few big-name bloggers and maybe one or two smaller blogs, but wow was I blown away with the sheer amount of (quality!) content from so many different types of blogs! From reviews, to analysis, to hype, covering anime, games, music and more, and from so many different viewpoints! It was a little overwhelming at first, I’ll admit, but I love the amount of diversity within the community, especially among bloggers themselves. From the frantic-but-motivating energy of Lita Kino’s blog, the bubblegum-poppiness of GrimmGirl, or the chill big-sisterly posts of Arria Cross, to the quietly real musings of TersaChristina and the deeper, more analytic dissertations of Jeko and animeindianphilosopher, just getting to see different takes on a medium I enjoy so much has truly, truly been a blessing. Thank you all so much for being there, for sharing, for making the community just that much wider.

Moving forward, I want to be a lot more consistent with Unsheathed. I didn’t like not having content for months at a time, and my lack of writing really did affect me both mentally and emotionally. As far as I know right now, during the summer I’ll have posts up consistently on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, while during the semester will switch to Mondays and Fridays, with a post sprinkled in here and there to mix it up when I can. Changing up the type of content here is also an idea that’s been brewing in the back of my mind for a while: I really want to have more than just analysis on Unsheathed. I don’t know if reviews will return, but in 100 Words and more spin-offs in that vein will definitely be coming down the pipeline in the future. More than that, I really want to open up Unsheathed to you: the readers. What type of content would you like to see here? If there’s anything you’d like to see discussed or addressed, leave a comment, hit me up on Twitter, shoot me an email, and we’ll talk. I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and I’ll see you around the ‘sphere!


I'm a student who loves God and manages to balance school, games, books, anime, and Asian culture while staying slightly sane.

  • Charles/TWWK

    Congratulations on the anniversary, and I hope for many more years of of your thoughts!