Top Five Anime to Watch While You’re in School!

Ohayo gozaimatsu! A new day, a new week! I know that school starts for some of you today, as it does for me, so I thought “What’s the best way to help my readers as they’re going to school?” Obvious answer: give them anime! So for today’s post, I’d like to highlight my Top Five Anime to Watch While You’re in School! And yes, I enjoy capital letters. Don’t judge. 

1. Lucky Star. For many people, this is the quintessential school anime. Revolving around the antics of four girls in high school, the anime is very relatable if you’re in school, an otaku, or any mixture of both. Each of the characters is unique and memorable, and they each bring different perspectives to each story in an episode. It’s a very light fare, as each episode is comprised of several informal  “bites” of a story; an episode might have 4 or 5 small stories about the lives and habits of each girl, from Konata’s anime obsessions to Kurumi’s studying habits. It’s a very fun and charming show that is good for relaxing with after a long day, and as the format is so informal, you don’t have to worry too much about multilayered plots or individual character arcs: the simple plot structure makes it both engaging and interesting to watch.  

2. Assassination Classroom. This show takes the whole “super-powered-being-wants-to-destroy-the-world-and-only-kids-can-stop-him” trope and plays around with it, adding a few details here and there. For example, the super-powered being is an octopus-like creature that can move at speeds faster than Mach 2. Also, it is impervious to all bullets and bombs. And it’s the teacher of class 3-E at   Kunugiggaoka High School. What, didn’t expect that last one? The being, Koro-sensei as he is called, has blown up most of the moon, and would do the same to Earth, but he gives the humans a chance to kill him. As long as he gets to teach class 3-E, the lowest, most outcast class in all of Kunugiggaoka High. The show focuses on Koro-sensei and his relationship with his students, as he teaches them, and as they try to kill him, and it’s very entertaining to watch. As the story progresses, more characters are brought in: some friends, some enemies, but the backstory of Koro-sensei remains a mystery. If you’re looking for a non-conventional show to check out in your spare time, give Assassination Classroom a chance. 

3. Angel Beats. Ah, Angel Beats. What to say about this show that hasn’t been said? Kids trapped in the in-between afterlife, don’t know how they got there, trying to get out, fighting the mysterious “Angel”. Yeah, you know that. So why is Angel Beats a good anime for watching while you’re in school? Well, for one thing, the show is very episodic. It doesn’t like giving you many cliffhangers, and while they build on each other, each episode is fairly self-contained. You can watch it at your own pace, whether you do a few episodes a week, or a long weekend binge. The story itself is enough to keep you interested, and the way the school aspect is intertwined with the plot is sure to bring out more than a few laughs. And some tears. Angel Beats isn’t a classic for nothing, y’know. 

4. Honey and Clover. This show is for all you college students out there, because the main cast of characters are college students! The show follows each of them as they make their way through life, and it gets down-to-earth with the development for each of them; you’ll see their triumphs and struggles alike. It’s a very relatable show, and yet it’s also very entertaining, and one of the few anime to both make me laugh and hook me within the first five minutes of watching. If you’re looking for something other than the standard “high-schoolers-doing-high-school-things-in-high-school” type anime, Honey and Clover is for you. 

5. School-LIVE! And for the last anime, and the only ongoing series on the list, School-LIVE! This is a new shot that just started in July, and is going on 7 episodes as of this post. It’s a very interesting mélange of slice-of-life and survival horror that keeps you engaged all the way through, with some very Madoka-esque twists to it. Without spoiling it, I’ll just tell you that not everything is as it seems. You’ll understand that by the end of the first episode. The characters are all connected by the school they attend, and they each have their own histories and personalities that really make this series shine. As the series is still being released, it’s an easy show to pick up, and I for one look forward to the rest of the series. 


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