Why Unsheathed?


As I’ve grown up over the years, I’ve noticed that the Christian community as a whole seems slightly closed off to a lot of forms of media, and especially Asian media, for fear of “sinfulness”. Rather than evaluating all forms of media under the light of Scripture, a lot of Christians tend to either take the knee-jerk reaction of shunning anything with a certain label, or simply enjoy their media without questioning why. I want to open the door to those conversations, to bare the blade of humble criticism and thought to the entertainment I imbibe, cut through the misconceptions and get to the heart of it all. As I journey through anime and manga, as I explore Japanese and Asian culture, I hope that I can offer you a new experience, challenge your beliefs, and help you to know yourself and God a little bit better.

I started Unsheathed as a purely anime-based blog, but as I love a lot of aspects of Asian culture, I’ve decided to expand a bit. I’ll keep most of my posts anime-focused on Mondays, but Fridays are fair game for me to discuss Asian drama and music, and even video games occasionally. I welcome all discussion on the blog: I’d love to get to meet you and learn what you think! Don’t be afraid to express an unpopular opinion here: I want this blog to function as a talking point for those who read it. I look forward to seeing you all around! 


Thanks to Peter K. for the awesome artwork! Check out his other works here