Hiya! I’m Sam, a Christian student who attributes his love of writing to homeschooling, books, and that one Intermediate Composition class he took in 10th grade. He has a passion for anime, an addiction to music, a love of food, and is part of too many fandoms for his own good.

Also, he refers to himself in the third person occasionally, so watch out for that.

In a lot of ways, Unsheathed is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. I’ve always wanted to write, I’ve always wanted to share my interests and get to know others who share them, and I’ve always wanted to foster discussion about my faith with others, Christian and non-Christian alike. Being able to do all of that while getting to think about the stories I love is a huge blessing, and I’m extremely glad that God’s brought me this way.

What to expect from me? I have a very analytical mind, so my posts will tend to lean more towards the practical than the abstract when it comes to spirituality, but I do plan to cover as much as I can when discussing the spiritual merits of anime, manga, kdrama, kpop and other interesting facets of Asian culture. I’m by no means the best writer, but I hope that my words here can encourage you and start up some meaningful discussion. I want Unsheathed to be a place where all types of people, from all walks of life, can discuss anime and spirituality without fear of being put down or judged, so feel free to comment on my writing, make suggestions and offer criticism. Let’s share this experience together. 🙂