About Me

That’s me on the right, with a +1 vision boost thanks to my friend Emma


I have an innate dread for explaining who I am, because the process of doing so is often long and drawn-out as I try to remember my name, my age, and the reason I’m talking to another person and not a screen. 

Also, I’m something of an introvert at heart, so there’s that. 

Real talk, I’m Sam. 19 years old. Lover of all things cute, orange, and cute and orange. 

I identify as a passive tsundere. Also: Skittles are my jam. 

I’ve grown up around people of faith, but I’ve really only taken my faith personally over the past 6 years. It’s been a long and weird journey, but one I hold dear to heart. I don’t regret a minute of my life as a believer, though I do make mistakes at times. ‘At times’ meaning most times. ‘Most times’ meaning a lot. Yet through it all, God is faithful. 

My education? Studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of Akron. Obligatory GO ZIPS! 😀

My hobbies? Books, anime, games, Magic: The Gathering, with a smattering of family and friends somewhere in there. Also, memes are a way of life. 

Why blog? I love writing. I love creating things and expressing myself. I believe that everyone is born with a set of talents that need to be expressed in order to live a balanced life, and for me, writing fills that niche. As a believer, I’ve noticed a lot of stigma against people who enjoy things like anime or games, and vice-versa. Being able to break down barriers and bring people together though my writing has been a dream, one that I hope Unsheathed can help me to realize. As we wade though topic after topic, jam to tune after tune, and do our best not to be too charmed by the moe, I hope we can enjoy this journey together. 🙂