The spring anime season has ended, and with it comes the close of some dear series. The petals of these shows fall off the branch of anime in order to give way for the budding leaves of the summer season’s anime, but their color and radiance won’t be forgotten simply because their time has ended. Without using any more cringey cherry tree references, let’s take a look at my favorite three shows of the spring season.

(Note: I’ll only be discussing finished shows that I’ve completed in this review, so no Re:Zero, even though I’ve been watching it, and no Joker Game or Kizaniver, as I personally dropped those midway to complete later.)

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What types of people tend to have the most impact on our lives? Siblings? Parents? Close friends? Each might be true in their own way, but it’s often teachers that have the greatest influence in how we view the world. Those around us may give their own interpretation of events, but teachers have a deeper role, showing us the way that they perceive the world around them and teaching us their reasons for doing so. They open up the natural world, make abstract ideas tanglible, and give us insights into how the world works the way it does. We measure ourselves by the standards of their teaching, and they are pivotal in the development of our own self-image, especially in the context of school life as a whole, where competition and peer pressure all mix together to create either an atmosphere of learning or despair. Or sometimes both, in the case of Kunugigaoka Junior High School, where the higher-ranking students are pushed to do better by being given a target to strive to not be like: the infamous E Class. The E Class is composed of the lowerst-ranking students in the school, and they are ostracized from all school activities because of this. As the lowest rung in the ladder, they are mocked and ridiculed and used as a springboard to push the other students towards academic perfection. And there is nothing that they can do about it.

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Ohayo gozaimatsu! A new day, a new week! I know that school starts for some of you today, as it does for me, so I thought “What’s the best way to help my readers as they’re going to school?” Obvious answer: give them anime! So for today’s post, I’d like to highlight my Top Five Anime to Watch While You’re in School! And yes, I enjoy capital letters. Don’t judge. 

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