If I were to come up to you and tell you that I enjoy playing the occasional match of Halo or Fallout: New Vegas, you’d probably have one of three responses:

  1. “Ugh, he plays those violent games? What kind of anti-social masochist is he?”
  2. “He plays those games? AWESOME! I’m not the only one!”
  3. “Huh?”

The first response is a bit exaggerated, but I do find that a lot of people, especially Christians, take that stance towards media with any form of violence. Violence in visual media is often seen as mindless brain-numbing trash at best, and indoctrinating propaganda at worst. It’s an especially common mindset towards games and anime in particular, especially in our increasingly interconnected society. With easy access to all forms of media, the more edgy and mature types of entertainment are increasingly available to everyone, and stereotypes about various mediums of entertainment are formed faster than they ever were.

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So, you’re trying to introduce some friends to your anime hobby, but they’re not too sure about watching Japanese cartoons. They might be turned off by bright hair colors, high-pitched voices, random chibi yelling, or even giant robots piloted by teenagers. They’re looking for something a bit closer to home: something more familiar to the traditional media they’ve grown up with. But…what do you recommend? I mean, Sword Art Online isn’t quite traditional, is it? And no one wants to just watch Pokemon all day, especially with Pikachu’s seeming inability to defeat any random level 3 Pokemon they meet in a new region. So what do you do? That’s where this list comes in, and without further ado I present to you my Top Five Anime for Non-Anime Fans!

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Ohayo gozaimas! Sorry for the lack of posts on Friday everyone; I had a CLEP test that day and the rest of the day was filled with stuff that kept me really busy. I do plan to make up for it though, with a special mid-week post that should land somewhere around Wednesday, so keep your eyes peeled. As always, leave me a Like and a comment below if you like what you see; it helps keep my self-esteem up and lets me know you guys enjoy my posts. Now, without further ado…let’s a-do it!

Attack on Titan is a pretty hopeless anime. I don’t mean that there is no hope for the anime itself, but that the core story centers on a feeling of hopelessness and loss that is inherently understood by both the characters within the story and the viewers watching it. Humanity is all but wiped out from the attack of the ravenous Titans, whose sole purpose appears to be the extinction of humanity.

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