Christians are weird. I don’t just mean in the way that Christians act or speak, but in our beliefs. We claim to serve one God, but we’re often divided as to how we serve Him. We have one Bible, but our interpretations of it vary wildly from denomination to denomination. In fact, why do we have denominations anyway when we’re supposed to be united in Christ? A huge smorgasbord of people and ideas, the Christian faith can look really confusing from the outside, often leading to questions that we may or may not be so willing to answer. Is God real? What is faith? How do I know I’m saved? All these are essential to the life of the believer, and each of these forms the core of our faith. Unanswered questions lead to a shaky foundation, a sentiment shared by Farnesse, leader of the Holy Chain Knights in the world of Berserk. Let’s answer some questions, shall we?  

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If I were to come up to you and tell you that I enjoy playing the occasional match of Halo or Fallout: New Vegas, you’d probably have one of three responses:

  1. “Ugh, he plays those violent games? What kind of anti-social masochist is he?”
  2. “He plays those games? AWESOME! I’m not the only one!”
  3. “Huh?”

The first response is a bit exaggerated, but I do find that a lot of people, especially Christians, take that stance towards media with any form of violence. Violence in visual media is often seen as mindless brain-numbing trash at best, and indoctrinating propaganda at worst. It’s an especially common mindset towards games and anime in particular, especially in our increasingly interconnected society. With easy access to all forms of media, the more edgy and mature types of entertainment are increasingly available to everyone, and stereotypes about various mediums of entertainment are formed faster than they ever were.

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