If I were to come up to you and tell you that I enjoy playing the occasional match of Halo or Fallout: New Vegas, you’d probably have one of three responses:

  1. “Ugh, he plays those violent games? What kind of anti-social masochist is he?”
  2. “He plays those games? AWESOME! I’m not the only one!”
  3. “Huh?”

The first response is a bit exaggerated, but I do find that a lot of people, especially Christians, take that stance towards media with any form of violence. Violence in visual media is often seen as mindless brain-numbing trash at best, and indoctrinating propaganda at worst. It’s an especially common mindset towards games and anime in particular, especially in our increasingly interconnected society. With easy access to all forms of media, the more edgy and mature types of entertainment are increasingly available to everyone, and stereotypes about various mediums of entertainment are formed faster than they ever were.

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Innocence is a beautiful sight to behold. From the first gurgling giggles of a baby to the ecstatic smiles of young children, the joy and purity of innocence is a reminder to us all of how we once viewed the world. Carefree and guileless, we had no worries and no fears; we simply trusted and loved those around us, and placed our faith in those who loved us without reservation. But as we got older, the world around us seemed to change, little by little. Maybe we are hurt by a friend, maybe we catch our parents arguing, or perhaps a family member ridicules us for our beliefs. Each experience darkens the tint of our formerly rose-colored glasses, until at last, when our false expectations are shattered,

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