Life is fun. Or at least, it is when you’re drunk on happiness, love, and alcohol. That’s what a lot of modern media likes to preach at its consumers, and that’s basically the message that BIGBANG seems to convey in the next three songs we’ll be considering. From the chaotic colorfulness of “BANG BANG BANG” that hearkens back to the group’s rise during the “Fantastic Baby” days, to the sensual undertones of “BAE BAE”, to the summer joy of “WE LIKE 2 PARTY”, this section of the MADE album seems to be a striking contrast to the more introspective nature of the rest of the songs. What’s going on in these songs? Why does BIGBANG seem to undermine the rest of their artistic vision with the poppy, almost generic vibe that comes off of these songs? All this and more will be covered in today’s post, so let’s get started!


Seungri becomes an Earthbender in BANG BANG BANG.

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Today, I wanted to do something a little different and talk directly to you guys. If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you know that I love anime and Asian culture (otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing stuff), but you probably don’t know how I got into anime in the first place. Which, TBH, is kind of surprising given that I’ve been blogging for almost a year now. So today I wanted to share my anime story, short as it might be, and then open the floor to you guys to share your own experiences with anime. How did you start watching anime? What was your first series? What’s your anime story?

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 Continuing on our exploration of the meanings behind the songs in BIGBANG’s “MADE” album, we come to my second favorite song in the album, and to be honest one of the least expected types of songs to come from them, especially as a South Korean artists. A snazzy mix of blues and pop with some sweet synth here and there, “Let’s Not Fall in Love” is a beautiful ballad that takes the listener on a trip away from the established norms of love songs, and instead asks why they are so accepted. Not a breakup song, less of a love song, Let’s Not Fall in Love asks its titular question: can we love each other without being in love?


Daesung’s bangs tho. 

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“Gohan! Don’t you dare give up!” “You can do it! Believe in yourself! One last time, show me the power we made together!”


Art by TMFScptKT on DeviantArt.

As Earth faced its darkest hour, as the villain Cell prepared to unleash his last attack on Earth, Goku encouraged his son Gohan, their only hope, with those words.   

Anime has a lot of stores about willpower. Through believing in oneself and working hard, pretty much anything can be achieved. We’ve seen this in countless tales: the struggle of the Elric brothers, the battles of various Gundam pilots, and of course: Dragon Ball Z. Despite being done so many times over, we don’t seem to tire of watching stories of valiant heroes struggling against all odds to face down their fears and defeat their opponents through their sheer force of will. The question remains though: why do we enjoy these stories so much? Why are these types of stories so prevalent in anime? Why has this concept lasted so long?

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It’s the end of an era. Or at least, it feels that way. My time in high school has come to an end, and with it comes the end of my childhood, so to speak. I’m in that weird transitioning phase between teenagerdom and young-adulthood, and it’s kind of scary and awesome in a lot of different ways. It hasn’t been easy to get here though. Lots of school, lots of time spent studying, lots of effort. Basically, a lot of work. And there’s a lot of work ahead of my as well. Some of it will be fun; most of it will be hard; can I find a balance? Maybe. But work isn’t merely a means to self-promotion. The work we do in our lives can have a profound impact on the way we perceive and approach the world around us, a theme that is heavily explored in one of my favorite anime, Gundam Build Fighters.


Build Fighters is a very different type of show when compared to the rest of the Gundam franchise. While most strive for some semblance of realism in their depictions of war and international struggles, Build Fighters takes place in a world like our own where the Gundam series is merely a collection of stories told in anime and manga. Despite this Gundamception, the series centers around a sport known as Gunpla Battle, where through some awesome tech magic, players build and battle plastic models of Gundam in fights known as Gunpla Battles. 

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Nobody’s perfect. Except those who are.

The end of the semester always brings a new set of challenges into the lives of students: final tests, last classes, closing presentations. It’s the end of an era (kind of), and with it comes changes. Some people move on to jobs, other people take time off, but the road to get there is paved with all the assignments that you’ve done over the past school year.  And as with all school duties, it’s often filled with pressure.

Recently I’ve been watching Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto, and as a Senior in high school the story hits some key feels for me. For those of you who haven’t started it yet (shame on you!), the story revolves around a typical Japanese high school, and specifically centers around the life of a not-so-typical Japanese student.

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Yes, I am still alive! I departed on my spiritual journey, and I am still chugging along! And I didn’t even have to meditate at the top of a mountain for a long time.

In the few months I’ve been gone, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve struggled a lot. I’ve made decisions both good and bad. I’ve made friends and I’ve lost friends. I’ve laughed and cried. I’ve had my periods of closeness with God and my periods of being farther from Him than I should. But through it all, He taught me. Through His Word and through the people in my life.

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Hello all.  You may have noticed that I removed my post about Kill la Kill  that I put up earlier. That was in response to a long talk I had with both of my parents this evening. The combination of school and blog and Internet has really taken a lot from my time with my family, and even my time with the Word. I’ve been in there a little, but not a very large amount. This has led me to think a lot more about myself…Continue Reading “Update – Unsheathed Hiatus”

Hey all! I wanted to apologize for the lack of reviews lately. Due to life stuff and lack of time, I’m going to have to drop my episodeic reviews for Attack on Titan: Junior High and Heavy Object. I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to both watching and reviewing them with my current schedule; if I had begun to review them when the season started, I would have been able to keep up a good schedule. As it is now, I can’t review them on an…Continue Reading “Update!”

Konnichiwa! As a teen guy growing up in the middle of our socially-conscious world, one thing I’ve noticed is that words are easily misunderstood. A lot. Especially over the Internet. You can say one thing and assume that someone will understand it, but when you actually talk to them about it they’ve completely misconstrued what you said to the point that your original meaning didn’t get across at all. It’s kind of sad, especially when communication is key to any type of relationship, be it between co-workers, friends, or family. And a good example of what a lack of communication does is found in Angel Beats.

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