I looked in the mirror this morning, and I couldn’t see my face. I drove to work this morning, ate my breakfast, sat down at my desk. I talked with people. I couldn’t see their faces. They couldn’t see mine. We laughed. We parted. I’ll go home tonight to my family, maybe visit some friends. All of us, faceless. Hiding behind the masks we call ourselves.

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When you think about it, books are similar to magic. With only ink on a sheet of processed plant matter, books can transport you to new worlds, introduce you to historical figures, and create new ways of thinking within your inner being. As amazing as books are, they sometimes can lack a visual aspect that can bring a point home even further. Book-to-movie transitions are notoriously rocky at best, and TV shows aren’t much better. Anime, however, doesn’t shy away from hard topics or intense character development in the same way that a movie or live-action TV show might for the sake of their time or budget, giving leeway for story accuracy. As someone who enjoys stories that I can sink my teeth into, my picks here will mainly be longer, more narrative-driven books rather than lighter fare. With that in mind, here are my Top 5 Books I’d Like to See as Anime!

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Bright trickling motes.

Twisting streams, golden globe’s gift

Stories flow yet again.

I spent way too much time coming up with that haiku just to talk about the summer anime season, so I hope it brightened your day somewhat. As a penance for not having a post up on Friday, today’s post will be a double-feature! That’s right, two articles for the price of one! So grab your Super Soaker, slip on your sandals, and let’s get right into it!


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Today, I wanted to do something a little different and talk directly to you guys. If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you know that I love anime and Asian culture (otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing stuff), but you probably don’t know how I got into anime in the first place. Which, TBH, is kind of surprising given that I’ve been blogging for almost a year now. So today I wanted to share my anime story, short as it might be, and then open the floor to you guys to share your own experiences with anime. How did you start watching anime? What was your first series? What’s your anime story?

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