Have you ever been late to a party? I know I have: growing up in a Nigerian household basically guarantees that you’ll be late to someone’s party. It’s a running joke amongst our community that you invite Americans on time, and you invite Nigerians 4 hours before. It’s not that we don’t enjoy spending time with one another, but that we like to do things at our own pace. That’s an attitude I’ve had with a lot of anime, and especially towards big names like Dragon Ball Z. Now that I’ve finished the manga, I’ve come to a few interesting realizations, especially in regards to Saiyans and the reasons they fight.

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“Gohan! Don’t you dare give up!” “You can do it! Believe in yourself! One last time, show me the power we made together!”


Art by TMFScptKT on DeviantArt.

As Earth faced its darkest hour, as the villain Cell prepared to unleash his last attack on Earth, Goku encouraged his son Gohan, their only hope, with those words.   

Anime has a lot of stores about willpower. Through believing in oneself and working hard, pretty much anything can be achieved. We’ve seen this in countless tales: the struggle of the Elric brothers, the battles of various Gundam pilots, and of course: Dragon Ball Z. Despite being done so many times over, we don’t seem to tire of watching stories of valiant heroes struggling against all odds to face down their fears and defeat their opponents through their sheer force of will. The question remains though: why do we enjoy these stories so much? Why are these types of stories so prevalent in anime? Why has this concept lasted so long?

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