It’s action-packed and yet the pace was tasteful. The characters were each memorable and distinct for a “kids show”, and the world felt familiar and established. I loved all the references to other Gundam series, and the way that the (somewhat simplistic) plot moved forward and developed with the characters was really fun to watch. The character relationships were awesome: developed with care and felt natural. I found myself really invested in the story and the characters, a lot faster than with most anime. It feels like a Saturday morning cartoon.

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It’s the end of an era. Or at least, it feels that way. My time in high school has come to an end, and with it comes the end of my childhood, so to speak. I’m in that weird transitioning phase between teenagerdom and young-adulthood, and it’s kind of scary and awesome in a lot of different ways. It hasn’t been easy to get here though. Lots of school, lots of time spent studying, lots of effort. Basically, a lot of work. And there’s a lot of work ahead of my as well. Some of it will be fun; most of it will be hard; can I find a balance? Maybe. But work isn’t merely a means to self-promotion. The work we do in our lives can have a profound impact on the way we perceive and approach the world around us, a theme that is heavily explored in one of my favorite anime, Gundam Build Fighters.


Build Fighters is a very different type of show when compared to the rest of the Gundam franchise. While most strive for some semblance of realism in their depictions of war and international struggles, Build Fighters takes place in a world like our own where the Gundam series is merely a collection of stories told in anime and manga. Despite this Gundamception, the series centers around a sport known as Gunpla Battle, where through some awesome tech magic, players build and battle plastic models of Gundam in fights known as Gunpla Battles. 

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