So, you’re trying to introduce some friends to your anime hobby, but they’re not too sure about watching Japanese cartoons. They might be turned off by bright hair colors, high-pitched voices, random chibi yelling, or even giant robots piloted by teenagers. They’re looking for something a bit closer to home: something more familiar to the traditional media they’ve grown up with. But…what do you recommend? I mean, Sword Art Online isn’t quite traditional, is it? And no one wants to just watch Pokemon all day, especially with Pikachu’s seeming inability to defeat any random level 3 Pokemon they meet in a new region. So what do you do? That’s where this list comes in, and without further ado I present to you my Top Five Anime for Non-Anime Fans!

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The theme of growth through fellowship is continued in many anime; teamwork and hard work are values that are prized in Japanese culture, and they find their way into the stories of many forms of media, anime or otherwise. Silver Spoon takes the exploration of such themes to another level with its main character, Hachiken. Haichiken is a model student who transfers to the Ezonoo Agricultural High School, and the show starts off in a predictable manner: Hachiken is the city boy who learns that country people aren’t just hicks and they work together to succeed. But what the show does is that it uses that expectation to bring out the depth and personality of each character, both in Hachiken and in his classmates. Each of them has their own goals and desires, and the motives for and the way they attempt to achieve those goals are what makes each of them so fleshed out.

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