Giveaway Winners | Moving Forward…

 First things first, let’s announce the winners of the giveaway! Seeing as how only two people actually commented (thanks everyone! :P), I was really conflicted as to how I should split up the prizes, but I’ve found a solution. Thank you Rose Regine and Maggie Schopke, I will be gifting each of you with a copy of A Silent Voice and a Crunchyroll Premium Gift pass, so shoot me an email for details. J

Now, as a quick update for the blog, so to speak. Expect some changes in the upcoming weeks to the overall look and feel on Unsheathed. I’m trying to streamline your reading and interacting experience here on this blog, and I believe that you’ll enjoy the new look as I phase it in.

As for my Monday posts, I’m really enjoying doing those, and I plan on introducing more categories to the types of posts I do on Mondays. They’ll all be anime-related, but I want to do more than my usual, deep and philosophical takes on anime, but I wanna expand into more opinion-based features as well. Japanese culture is also a facet that I’m really excited to explore, and you’ll be hearing more about that hopefully soon.

I’m very happy with the way that my Friday KPOP posts have been coming along, and while I’m still kind of making it up as I go along, I’ve got a few plans for how I want it to go. I’ll be branching out and talking about Korean drama as well, due to the fact that not only do I spend as much if not more time watching Kdrama as I do anime, but it’s a wide field of media that I feel doesn’t get as much exploration as other facets of Asian media.

In short, Unsheathed will keep chugging along here in the blogosphere. I’ve really enjoyed the writing I’ve done over the past year, and I’m excited for the future of the blog. I may or may not have to slow down blogging as I go into college this fall, but we’ll see how it goes. Thank you for all your support, and I will see you all around. 🙂


I'm a student who loves God and manages to balance school, games, books, anime, and Asian culture while staying slightly sane.

  • Mohaha. Thank you, thank you! Email sent. XD

    And by the way, I’m excited to see the new Unsheathed. Especially that now we have the same scope of interests although I’m still thinking to tackle in the blog about the Kdramas and Kpop as a whole. But I’m really excited about your plans. I can relate now fully relate. Keep up the good work, Sam! All will be well as long as you love the things that you do.