Why I Love One-Punch Man – in 100 Words

Layers upon layers of parody within a crunchy shell of Saturday-morning shounen, it is a nostalgic blend of classic superhero tropes and anime stereotypes that manages to entertain while questioning the legitimacy of the material it parodies. Light-hearted but not stupid, the show knows its limits and hits all the right notes. The main character is a living meme, and the diverse cast keeps the plot moving and feeling fresh. Dialogue is especially good – from funny to powerful, each line fits a character or situation. Overall, One-Punch Man balances and delivers a great experience; fresh air to the shounen genre.


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  • Teresa Christina

    “Living meme” I’m dying!
    Watch Orange and do 100 words Orange. I can’t wait to see what you would have to say about it. 😉
    Also do 100 words for Sweetness and Lightning if your watching that 😉 And if you don’t do 😉