Moving Forward!

Before we get started, let me get this out of the wa: Happy New Year! It’s a brand new day, the joy is high, and we ride together towards the sunrise of 2018. It’s been a long year, full of change, mystery, and discovery. Yet through it all, it’s been amazing. Hope flies high like the proverbial bird, but 2017 has been the year I’ve finally seen the sky myself.

I beg forgiveness for my absence: the grasping tendrils of Anatomy and Phisiology melded with the sodden claws of Calculus 3 to render me incapable of expressing myself in printed word. In other words: school was rough. But it was fun, and more importantly it was full of important self-discovery that I’m excited to share with you in 2018. Speaking of which, Unsheathed will be going through a few changes as 2018 arrives.

jotaro - moving forward

As the torch passes to a new Joestar, so shall the appearance of Unsheathed change as well. We’ve done a few aesthetic changes in the past, but hopefully this should herald a new paradigm and an established look for the site. Working better for mobile, giving the site a more personal feel, I think you’ll enjoy the upcoming reskin.

Appearance isn’t the only main change. Like a hopeful girlfriend, I want our relationship to have consistency, and so I want to maintain a constant stream of content during the year. This might be the cause for a decrease in post length, but hopefully an increase in post depth as a result. I don’t want Unsheathed to be so much a soapbox as it is a platform for discussion, and to facilitate discussion, there’s gotta be stuff to discuss. So look forward to more rambling about anime and contemplating about KPOP.

got7 - moving forward


Speaking of KPOP and anime, I’ll be starting a new segment here on Unsheathed: The Beginner’s Guide series! Fandoms are hard to get into, especially with as close-knit as many communities are, so we’ll be taking a quick overview of both anime series and KPOP groups and offering a guide to enjoying them for the first time.

I want to say more, but I need to leave a few things for me to, y’know, post later, so I’ll leave you all with this: I’m so thankful for all the support over the years: from friends to readers, it means a lot to me that doing this has a positive impact. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue doing these blog posts for a long time. Here’s to 2018!


I'm a student who loves God and manages to balance school, games, books, anime, and Asian culture while staying slightly sane.