Out of the many cool things that adulthood brings, I’d have to say my favorite is definitely being able to buy food whenever I want to, wherever I want to. Taco Bell? Gotcha. Wendys? Done. Chipotle? Already there, fam. Also, I can get Skittles at the check-out without having to ask mom first! Awesome! Yet with all this freedom comes the temptation to overdo…and all too often, I end up overdoing just that. An overload of junk food plays havoc with your body, and I’m beginning to consider working out more, horror of horrors. As bad as junk food is though, you have to admit that it tends to hold several properties that make our guilty pleasures seem slightly less taboo. Even more interestingly, our favorite anime may hold a similar allure.

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The spring anime season has ended, and with it comes the close of some dear series. The petals of these shows fall off the branch of anime in order to give way for the budding leaves of the summer season’s anime, but their color and radiance won’t be forgotten simply because their time has ended. Without using any more cringey cherry tree references, let’s take a look at my favorite three shows of the spring season.

(Note: I’ll only be discussing finished shows that I’ve completed in this review, so no Re:Zero, even though I’ve been watching it, and no Joker Game or Kizaniver, as I personally dropped those midway to complete later.)

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Christians are weird. I don’t just mean in the way that Christians act or speak, but in our beliefs. We claim to serve one God, but we’re often divided as to how we serve Him. We have one Bible, but our interpretations of it vary wildly from denomination to denomination. In fact, why do we have denominations anyway when we’re supposed to be united in Christ? A huge smorgasbord of people and ideas, the Christian faith can look really confusing from the outside, often leading to questions that we may or may not be so willing to answer. Is God real? What is faith? How do I know I’m saved? All these are essential to the life of the believer, and each of these forms the core of our faith. Unanswered questions lead to a shaky foundation, a sentiment shared by Farnesse, leader of the Holy Chain Knights in the world of Berserk. Let’s answer some questions, shall we?  

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Life sucks. It really does, at least sometimes. Maybe you get cut off in line at the DMV, perhaps a friendship completely dissipates when a significant other comes into the picture, and sometimes you forget your favorite cream cheese in the back of the fridge and it expires before you can taste its creamy goodness. You can’t always have what you want, but is it too much to ask for your life to be somewhat consistent? At least, that’s what we seem to want. But life seems to have other plans at times, and it’s not always quite as straightforward as we’d life. That’s what the characters in The Lost Village, and it definitely resonates with Lovepon, one of the most…interesting…characters in the series.


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Nobody’s perfect. Except those who are.

The end of the semester always brings a new set of challenges into the lives of students: final tests, last classes, closing presentations. It’s the end of an era (kind of), and with it comes changes. Some people move on to jobs, other people take time off, but the road to get there is paved with all the assignments that you’ve done over the past school year.  And as with all school duties, it’s often filled with pressure.

Recently I’ve been watching Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto, and as a Senior in high school the story hits some key feels for me. For those of you who haven’t started it yet (shame on you!), the story revolves around a typical Japanese high school, and specifically centers around the life of a not-so-typical Japanese student.

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