The dictionary defines the word “habit” as “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”. We all have habits that keep us going through our lives: household chores, workplace duties, daily personal rituals; routines help to keep us in check and on track as we go about our business. Despite the usefulness of habits, there is a tendency to ignore our more beneficial responsibilities in favor of less useful, more indulgent ones. Maybe it’s skipping homework for anime, perhaps it’s forgoing family meals for business, but all too often in the life of the believer, it’s doing anything rather than spending time with God. For a privilege to essential to the Christian walk, it’s surprisingly easy to take for granted. Sin still colors the way we see the world, despite being saved from the slavery of sin, a feeling that Yomi from Black Rock Shooter can probably relate to.

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Innocence is a beautiful sight to behold. From the first gurgling giggles of a baby to the ecstatic smiles of young children, the joy and purity of innocence is a reminder to us all of how we once viewed the world. Carefree and guileless, we had no worries and no fears; we simply trusted and loved those around us, and placed our faith in those who loved us without reservation. But as we got older, the world around us seemed to change, little by little. Maybe we are hurt by a friend, maybe we catch our parents arguing, or perhaps a family member ridicules us for our beliefs. Each experience darkens the tint of our formerly rose-colored glasses, until at last, when our false expectations are shattered,

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Fear. Love. Anger.  All basic parts of the human existence. All unique, yet interconnected. All primal, yet human. At some point in our lives, we have all experienced a mixture of any of these emotions. For every good day, there are a few bad ones. For every tender hug, there are words that sting of bitterness. And few powers on Earth compare to the influence these emotions can have on our lives. Emotions are not intrinsically human, and yet they are a large part of what makes us human: the love of a mother for her children; the fear that pushes a soldier onward through the face of danger; despite not sharing an experience, we can relate to it because we all understand emotion on a deeper, more instinctual level. This innate knowing, this intimate understanding, is why emotions are both so powerful and so deadly. Anger can bring both justice and destruction, fear can breed both wisdom and madness, and love can cause both joy and hatred.

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