If art is an experience, what does that make the artist? A performer? An instructor? A mentor? Despite its many forms, art has a unique way of interacting with the human mind. Music serves as a universal language, all people groups have some form of dance, sculpture and painting are as much a part of cultural heritage as food and skin color are, and stories told in poetry or prose have been long part of the human tradition for centuries upon centuries. As humans made in the image of God, the expression of our inner ideas through art is a reflection of how He expresses His attributes through His creations. Where the rub lies, however, is in the realization that art, in and of itself, is subjective. Different people can read different meanings into the same art piece, and walk away affected differently. The artist may have a specific meaning in mind when they pieced together their work, but the experience that others undergo due to the art itself is entirely dependent on the individual. This is what makes art so intriguing, and yet so hard to define. When value is subjective, does value in fact exist? This is the question I want to explore in today’s post, and as we take a step back to look at Paradise Lost, a song by the artist GAIN (pronounced “gaa-inn”).

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Out of all the shows that this anime season has brought me, I’d have to say that the most fun for me to watch has been My Hero Academia. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the more serious, gritty tones of Joker Game and the ridiculous psychological mess that is The Lost Village, but MHA has kept me entertained and interested in the characters in a way that resonates with me more than the other shows, and for good reason. It touches on aspects of my life that are very personal to me, both emotionally and mentally, and while it presents its themes in a simpler way than most shows, that easy accessibility is what makes those themes stand out. So without any further ado, let’s jump into it!


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Human nature desires control. What I mean by this is that as humans, we naturally want to have control over our environments. Who comes in, what goes out, what goes where, if I’m going to Starbucks today or if I’m studying for that quiz tomorrow, etc. We like to feel in control of what goes on around us because we find a sense of peace and security from it. But as much as control provides for us, the pursuit of control often becomes a goal in and of itself, and the journey towards that control can become costlier than the benefits of controlling whatever aspect of one’s life. Countless examples of academics who abandoned family and friends in pursuit of their career can attest to that.

I’ve been learning lately that trying to control every aspect of my life is not quite as noble a goal as I’d once thought, and in fact ends up hurting myself and those around me more often than not. It limits me, and places unnecessary goals on my life and those in my life. And I’m not the only one who had to learn this the hard way: Handaa from Barakamon learned something similar over the course of the series.

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At the time of this writing, it’s morning, and I’ve just finished my morning bowl of cereal, so ohayo gozaimas! Welcome to the start of a new week, and despite what Garfield might say, Mondays are pretty awesome. And with this coming week, I want us to embark on a journey through the characters of Madoka Magica and taking a closer look at each one. The series is chock-full of lessons to be learned about the price of power, the deceptiveness of the world, the necessity of trust, but I’d like to focus on each character individually and how they exemplify a different facet of Christianity and the Christian walk. Which brings us to today’s focus: the azure sword-wielder Sayaka.

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What does it take for a person to grow? The answer is varied. Some would say exercise, others would say a proper diet, still others would say a clean environment. In truth, it is never one single factor that grows a person, but a combination of influences in our lives that mold and shape us into the people we are. Each one of us is an unfinished painting; each new experience, idea, and emotion adds a new color to the canvas of our lives, altering the way we look out on life and the situations we find ourselves in each day. With each new stroke of fate’s brush, we are changed. Not always in big ways, but in the minute everyday experiences that slowly whittle out who we are as individuals.

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Ohayo gozaimas! Sorry for the lack of posts on Friday everyone; I had a CLEP test that day and the rest of the day was filled with stuff that kept me really busy. I do plan to make up for it though, with a special mid-week post that should land somewhere around Wednesday, so keep your eyes peeled. As always, leave me a Like and a comment below if you like what you see; it helps keep my self-esteem up and lets me know you guys enjoy my posts. Now, without further ado…let’s a-do it!

Attack on Titan is a pretty hopeless anime. I don’t mean that there is no hope for the anime itself, but that the core story centers on a feeling of hopelessness and loss that is inherently understood by both the characters within the story and the viewers watching it. Humanity is all but wiped out from the attack of the ravenous Titans, whose sole purpose appears to be the extinction of humanity.

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