Another Chance at Life

おはようございます! After One-Punch Man ended, I took a break from anime. I wasn’t sure how anything I could watch would top it in my heart, so my anime watching slowed down to a trickle that eventually halted when I started getting more into Korean drama. That took me away from anime watching, but I did still check the season lineup every so often, and most of the stuff before this present season looked really underwhelming. And then I saw Erased. Or more accurately, I saw … Read more Another Chance at Life

Finding Beauty in Death

Konnichiwa! Over the past few days I’ve been watching Beautiful Bones, and I have to say that I was surprised at how good it is. I’m always a bit wary about really hyped shows, but after three episodes I can say that it deserves the love people give it. It feels like a mix between mystery and slice-of-life, in a good way.

The Reality of Virtual Death

Konnichiwa! As we head closer into fall and as the fall season of anime grows closer and closer (ONE-PUNCH MAN FTW!), I’ve been thinking a lot about anime that I’m going to watch and anime that I’ve watched, especially some of my firsts. My first ever true anime (Pokemon doesn’t count. Never has.) was Sword Art Online, and despite the equal amounts of love and hate surrounding the series, I still think of it as a pretty decent show. While not perfect, it did do … Read more The Reality of Virtual Death