Of The Rest of Your Life…

“Today is gonna be the first day of the rest of your life.” That’s a line I think I stole from an old Spider-Girl comic (yeah, she’s a thing), and it’s become my mantra at the beginning of big events in my life. From graduating high school to starting college to today, the beginning of my sophomore year, life is definitely changing. I’m changing. In some ways good, in some ways…weird. I’ve found that in the middle of all of this insanity…I’m enjoying it? I’m … Read more Of The Rest of Your Life…

Impersonally Personal?

Back in the heyday of social media, when MySpace was waxing old, Facebook was hitting puberty, and Twitter was merely a babe, older people would look at the emergence of these new digital forms of communication and say things like “You kids are only communicating through screens!”, and “Kids today don’t have real conversations anymore!” Basically, the onset of social media led to a belief that relationships created and maintained over a virtual space were somehow less personal and “real” than relationships in the physical … Read more Impersonally Personal?

The Calligrapher’s Burden

Human nature desires control. What I mean by this is that as humans, we naturally want to have control over our environments. Who comes in, what goes out, what goes where, if I’m going to Starbucks today or if I’m studying for that quiz tomorrow, etc. We like to feel in control of what goes on around us because we find a sense of peace and security from it. But as much as control provides for us, the pursuit of control often becomes a goal … Read more The Calligrapher’s Burden

Exploring the Role of Christian Fellowship (Part 3)

Konnichiwa! As we head into the end of this week and begin to blossom into the next, I want to wrap up the theme of community with a few short ways that we can express this godly love for those in our own lives. Community is an important aspect in the life of the believer, and it is our duty to be that community not just for ourselves, or even for other Christians, but so we can show the world the love of Christ through … Read more Exploring the Role of Christian Fellowship (Part 3)