The theme of growth through fellowship is continued in many anime; teamwork and hard work are values that are prized in Japanese culture, and they find their way into the stories of many forms of media, anime or otherwise. Silver Spoon takes the exploration of such themes to another level with its main character, Hachiken. Haichiken is a model student who transfers to the Ezonoo Agricultural High School, and the show starts off in a predictable manner: Hachiken is the city boy who learns that country people aren’t just hicks and they work together to succeed. But what the show does is that it uses that expectation to bring out the depth and personality of each character, both in Hachiken and in his classmates. Each of them has their own goals and desires, and the motives for and the way they attempt to achieve those goals are what makes each of them so fleshed out.

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Continuing on last week’s post, there are many reasons that friendships are successful. Sometimes it’s because of shared interests, sometimes it’s because of a mutual threat, but one of the most important is encouragement. Few things are more uplifting than a friend who helps to share your burdens, one who loves you, and takes it upon himself to give you strength when you’re weak. This kind of friendship is praised throughout the Bible, and is nowhere more evident than in the relationship between David and Jonathan.

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Happy Friday everyone! The week is nearly over, and with it comes all the trappings of weekendom: fun, games, laughter, and anime! And what do these all have in common? Nope, not that they can all be experienced over the Internet, but that they are all made way better with friends! We humans are a strange lot. We form alliances and bonds over the slightest of things, and break those bonds at the tip of a hat sometimes. But then, sometimes we form bonds with one another that are nearly unbreakable. Sometimes we form close connections with those around us; connections that are too unique and time-weathered to be shared with anyone else. Why is that?

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