First things first, let’s announce the winners of the giveaway! Seeing as how only two people actually commented (thanks everyone! :P), I was really conflicted as to how I should split up the prizes, but I’ve found a solution. Thank you Rose Regine and Maggie Schopke, I will be gifting each of you with a copy of A Silent Voice and a Crunchyroll Premium Gift pass, so shoot me an email for details. J Now, as a quick update for the blog, so to speak. Expect…Continue Reading “Giveaway Winners | Moving Forward…”

Hello everyone! If you were around for the launch of this blog last week, you’d remmeber the giveaway of 2 48-Hour Crunchyroll Premium+ Guest passes that were to be announced today! And, thanks to your comments and a helpful online random number generator, the results are in! The winners are: Cyrus and LemonLag! Send me an email via my Contact page, and I will send you the codes. 🙂 For those of you who didn’t make it, never fear, I plan to do more of…Continue Reading “Giveaway Winners!”