If you know me to a certain degree of familiarity, you’ll understand that I love Korean music. I enjoy a lot of other types of music, from Christian music to dubstep to old-timey jazz, but Korean music holds a special place in my heart because I got into it at a time in my life when I was just starting to learn who I was as an individual. There are a lot of groups out there in the KPOP sphere, each of them with different styles and genres they tend to specialize in, but my favorite is BIGBANG. Objectively, one could call them the most famous korean boy band in the world, and they have a good selection of music (still be discerning if you want to listen/watch though, not all of their content is suitable for younger audiences). One of my favorites is a song from their newest album, entitled “LOSER”.


“LOSER” as a song is best described as an experience; the lyrics coupled with the imagery of the music video make for some powerful scenes. Each member of the group plays a character that is broken, each of them struggling with a specific sin. Their burdens weigh them down, and each of them exudes a pain that you can feel and connect with.

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