When did you first realize that you disliked someone? Maybe it was when they made that unfunny joke that no one laughed at? Perhaps it was when you noticed they always seemed to have something to prove. In my experience, it tends to occur around the 5th or 6th stupid, off-hand, no-thought remark that just makes my blood boil. Stupidity is my kryptonite, and as much as I beg the Lord to give me patience each day, the temptation to completely blow people off due to their actions is as strong as ever. I try to find solace in humor: satire and sarcasm are some of my favorite tools, yet even their redirecting power can’t always save my psyche from the sting of perceived stupidity.

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Out of all the shows that this anime season has brought me, I’d have to say that the most fun for me to watch has been My Hero Academia. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the more serious, gritty tones of Joker Game and the ridiculous psychological mess that is The Lost Village, but MHA has kept me entertained and interested in the characters in a way that resonates with me more than the other shows, and for good reason. It touches on aspects of my life that are very personal to me, both emotionally and mentally, and while it presents its themes in a simpler way than most shows, that easy accessibility is what makes those themes stand out. So without any further ado, let’s jump into it!


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Life is full of uncertainties. It doesn’t matter if you’re a millionaire stockbroker or a homeless bum living on the streets, there are always influences in your life that are outside of your own personal control. Sometimes these variables are small, like what your mom will make for dinner, sometimes they are big, like where your country will be politically over the course of your life. But the ones that touch the deepest and hit the hardest are always the ones that are close to home: the little uncertainties that are just out of our reach. The way we approach and handle these questions determines a lot about who we become as people, influencing out perspective on the world and on ourselves, and one of the most fundamental questions about ourselves is often “who am I?” It’s not always an easy question to answer, especially when it seem like everyone around you has it all together. It’s easy to look at other people and to notice the myriad of traits, quirks, and ideals that come together to form the unique individuals around you, but it is a lot harder to look inward. How am I supposed to know who I am as a person when I have so many faults? How can I ever be as good or as together as that person, when I feel so alone? God doesn’t even seem to care about me, how can anyone?

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