End of Season Quick Review! – Spring 2016

The spring anime season has ended, and with it comes the close of some dear series. The petals of these shows fall off the branch of anime in order to give way for the budding leaves of the summer season’s anime, but their color and radiance won’t be forgotten simply because their time has ended. Without using any more cringey cherry tree references, let’s take a look at my favorite three shows of the spring season. (Note: I’ll only be discussing finished shows that I’ve … Read more End of Season Quick Review! – Spring 2016

Unity Through Pain

こんにちわ! This season has had some really good anime: from Joker Game to My Hero Academia, it’s been really fun watching all the interesting new shows that have been airing. There’s a wide variety of genres out there, and they all ask different questions on different issues that are important to us now, in our day-to-day lives: questions about excellence and obedience to authority figures, but one of the most personal questions brought out by a show this season, to me, comes from Kiznavier.