Why I Love Gundam Build Fighters – in 100 Words

It’s action-packed and yet the pace was tasteful. The characters were each memorable and distinct for a “kids show”, and the world felt familiar and established. I loved all the references to other Gundam series, and the way that the (somewhat simplistic) plot moved forward and developed with the characters was really fun to watch. The character relationships were awesome: developed with care and felt natural. I found myself really invested in the story and the characters, a lot faster than with most anime. It feels like a Saturday morning cartoon.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my article size, and I’m wanting to mix it up here and there. With this feature, I hope to try to “sell” an anime in 100 words or less. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t: I plan for this to be a semi-random series that’ll pop up here and there. Let me know if I managed to get you interested, or any series you’d like for me to try to explain in 100 words. Peace! 🙂 


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  • Teresa Christina

    100 words, One Punch Man!

  • I love this writing approach! Well done!

  • NerdyVintageGirl23

    Love the size! Kind of like a tweet but longer!
    Btw, really like the new design!

    • Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it! I fell in love with this theme and pretty much had to build everything else around it. XD